‘Maybe Christmas,’ he thought, ‘doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.’ – How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss

To us, Christmas is magic, surprises and gifts, games and fun. Therefore, we decided to share this fun with you and organised a tournament!

The tournament will last 2 weeks, during which you need to complete various games and tasks as quickly and correctly as possible to beat the rest of the participants. The tasks will appear one by one, so stay tuned for emails and new posts on social networks.

In each assignment, we will announce the rules and the number of points that can be earned by completing it. The scoring will be carried out in this article in the tournament table, which we will post after the first scoring and will regularly update it so that you can control your chances of winning as the prizes are really valuable!



1st place

100% cashback for 2021 subscriptions or 3 months subscription for free (Basic or PRO)

2nd-4th places

50% cashback for 2021 subscriptions or 1 month subscription for free (Basic or PRO)

5th-7th places

50% discount for any subscription plan (1/3/6/12 months)

* The tournament prizes will be distributed among the subscribers.
Not a subscriber? Don’t worry, you still have an opportunity to take part as you can subscribe to Beth at any time by the end of the tournament.

The tournament will be held from the 7th until 20th of December. The winners will be announced on the 21st of December.

Please note some of the games have already been revealed, check them below so you won’t miss any points! Take part and climb the standings to grab the main Beth prize!

First Christmas Wonder:

What is Beth’s favorite colour: pink or blue?

Those who give the first 30 correct answers will receive 10 points. Post your answer in the comments below this article. You have 24 hours, so go ahead!


Beth loves pink and blue colours so much that she could not choose the favorite one. And this is great because now all 30 players who answered first receive 10 points each!

Second Christmas Wonder:

Play a word search game and find the names of 10 racecourses to receive 2 points for each. Write the found words to our Support Team via the live chat or [email protected] email and get points.

Third Christmas Wonder:
Fourth Christmas Wonder:

You have a chance to easily earn as many points as you want:

❄ Make a post on any social network (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) with the screenshot of your profit for any period of your time with Beth till December 20 

❄ Mention Beth official page – @bethbetofficial

❄ You can make more than 1 post but on different social media (1 post for 1 social media) 

10 points for each post that shows your profit with Beth

❄ Show the screenshot of your post to our Support Team: Hannah the Elf and John the Reindeer will gladly award you with points! 

❄ Please note that your posts should not be deleted in order your points to be valid.

Fifth Christmas Wonder:

Are you already familiar with the Racehorses page? Now it’s a perfect time to check out this incredible research tool and collect points for the next challenge in the tournament!

Solve the rebuses where the horses’ names are hidden. Find these horses on the Racehorses page and find out how many points each of them will bring you (look for Christmas decorations). 

Send your answers to our Support Team and share your impressions of the tool. Hannah the Elf and John the Reindeer will gladly award you with points.

Sixth Christmas Wonder:

Let’s see how well you know historical facts of UK horse racing.
Answer following questions, send your answers to our Support Team and get 5 points for each correct answer.

  1. At what age Queen Elizabeth rode her first horse?
  2. What location is considered to be the most important in the history of development of UK horse racing and why?
  3. Perhaps the most famous British jockey of all time is Lester Piggott, now 85. He is regarded by many as the leading flat racing jockey in history. How many staggering career wins he had?
  4. Which of these horses was NOT a winner of the Grand National during the first decade of the 21st century?
    ❄ Comply or Die
    ❄ Bindaree
    ❄ McKelvey
    ❄ Monty’s Pass
  5. In 2009, outsider Mon Mome won the race. What was his starting price?
    ❄ 66/1
    ❄ 200/1
    ❄ 150/1
    ❄ 100/1
  6. The 2010 race was won for the first time by the highly successful jockey Tony McCoy. What was the name of the horse he rode to victory?
  7. Which jockey rode Auroras Encore to victory in the 2013 race?
Seventh Christmas Wonder:

Final game of the tournament: unravel the password till the 20th of December 14.00 GMT

First, find out the code, which consists of numbers. (For example: 7635446781)
Each number corresponds to the starting price (SP) of a horse in a particular race. You can find this information using Beth Analytics. So collect the code from the SP of the following horses:

  1. ❄ Bookmaker: Ladbrokes
    Date and time: 08 Jan 21 13:40
    Racecourse: Newcastle
    Horse name: Busy Street
  2. ❄ Bookmaker: William Hill
    Date and time: 1 Dec 21 15:40
    Racecourse: Dundalk
    Horse name: Theriverrunsdeep
  3. ❄ Bookmaker: Poker Stars
    Date and time: 01 Jun 21 12:25
    Racecourse: Leicester
    Horse name: Ernies Valentine
  4. ❄ Bookmaker: Coral
    Date and time: 29 May 21 18:30
    Racecourse: Ffos las
    Horse name: Timeforaspin
  5. ❄ Bookmaker: Bet365
    Date and time: 09 Jun 21 12:45
    Racecourse: Cork
    Horse name: London Royal
  6. ❄ Bookmaker: 10Bet
    Date and time: 01 Jun 21 19:00
    Racecourse: Yarmouth
    Horse name: Arabian Romance
  7. ❄ Bookmaker: Paddy Power
    Date and time: 08 Jun 21 18:00
    Racecourse: Wetherby
    Horse name: Bollin Margaret
  8. ❄ Bookmaker: 10Bet
    Date and time: 18 Jul 21 15:05
    Racecourse: Tipperary
    Horse name: Forged In Fire
  9. ❄ Bookmaker: Betway
    Date and time: 04 Jul 21 14:05
    Racecourse: Tramore
    Horse name: Wewillgowithplanb
  10. ❄ Bookmaker: 10Bet
    Date and time: 08 Dec 21 16.00
    Racecourse: Kemptom
    Horse name: Tsubaki

Got the code?
Now look at Christmas toys and guess the word using your code.
Bring this password to our Support Team and receive 30 points.

Applause to the winners:

🏆 1st place
100% cashback for 2021 subscriptions or 3 months subscription for free (Basic or PRO) goes to paul.evans

🏆 2nd-4th places
50% cashback for 2021 subscriptions or 1 month subscription for free (Basic or PRO) goes to: bickster1973, ganaahai, paulwood79

🏆 5th-7th places
50% discount for any subscription plan (1/3/6/12 months) goes to: ardoarch, verdenkaf, mark69961

You really did your best and we are proud of you! Contact our Support Team to receive the prize.

User’s Nickname
Points Awarded
1 paul.evans 180
2 bickster1973 170
3 ganaahai 163
4 paulwood79 152
5 ardoarch 120
6 verdenkaf 112
7 mark69961 80
8 lannoc 40
9 horseydoobie 28
10 ligger 18
11 newitt97 10
12 mhensberg2003 10
13 drigger 10
14 snapcj 10
15 tomhenri 10
16 josefina 10
17 karlpotter 10
18 Ian Hallows 10
19 Dave 10
20 biotechy 10
21 dugman 10
22 maikelnox 10
23 marvellous007 10


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    final answer Pink

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