Artificial Intelligence in Horse Racing Prediction

Beth is the state-of-the-art AI-based Horse Racing Prediction Tool that will change the way you think about horse racing and sports betting!

Beth’s key benefits

  • Increased chances of  profitability
    Increased chances of profitability
    Beth users can achieve a monthly profit of up to 150% (actual percentage depends on users’ calibration and loyalty to Beth).
  • Simplicity
    Arbitrage betting does not require a PhD in mathematics anymore! We provide easy step-by-step guidance which will appeal to pros and punters alike.
  • Real-time responsiveness
    Real-time responsiveness
    Beth responds with lightning speed to all parameters needed in arbitrage betting (bookmakers' odds changes, races and jockeys’ conditions), so players always get the top predictions.
  • Beyond the bookmakers
    Beyond the bookmakers
    Beth goes beyond the bookmakers’ odds. Our system filters and analyses several factors every second, from the venue of the race to the number of horses participating, even current wind conditions!
  • Time-saving
    Hypothetically, you could do what Beth does – but this would demand 24 hours of your full attention every day, plus an army of helpers. Not practical! Beth doesn’t take away the fun from betting, nor make it a “profession” where you have to sit glued to a screen for hours on end. Beth does the hard work for you!
  • Wide range of choices
    Wide range of choices
    Beth covers the UK’s top bookmakers in horse racing: BetVictor, Bet365, Coral, Ladbrokes, William Hill, 888 Sport, Paddy Power, BetWay, PokerStars, NetBet, 10bet

Sports trading guru Caan Berry reviews Beth system

Initially, when I first came across this product I thought ‘oh another affiliate tipster style product’.


Choose your Beth plan

Choose your Beth subscription plan and pay safely and securely. We don’t charge any fees or renew your subscription automatically. You are in control of your subscription renewal. We also accept secure payment methods including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and other valid prepaid cards.

Beth Free

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  • Test and verify Beth’s accuracy using prediction data compiled over the past 2 years!
  • Bookmakers filter
  • Date range

Beth Basic

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  • Bookmakers filter
  • Start/Pause button
  • Min/Max odds filter
  • Recommendation Interval
  • 30 unique recommendations daily
£39.99 | month

Beth PRO

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  • Bookmakers filter
  • Min/Max odds filter
  • Bets on the Horse filter
  • Horse on the race filter
  • Odds Threshold Index
  • Avg Coef Falling Index
  • Time Till Race Index
£99.99 | month

Beth News & Tips

Worried about getting limited by a bookie? Don’t be!

Every bookmaker can limit an account in different ways, each helping them to decrease the winner’s profits. The strictness of these actions depends on your activity on their website.

Upcoming Horse Racing events in the UK & Ireland

Horse racing has been an indispensable part of British culture for centuries now. No wonder why so many horse racing events and racecourses got established over the rich and long history course. Approximately 10,000 races are being held in the UK over the year, and the pandemic has not really changed that number this year – every single day we passionately check the results of horse races taking place.

Horse Betting Strategy: how to find the right horses and keep winning

Finding winners and sticking to successful betting systems is a key part of being a profitable punter in the long term. Alongside the excellent Beth.bet prediction tool, punters can regularly show a profit if they keep their discipline and stick to a certain strategy using tried and tested techniques.


What our users say

Andrew Wingfield, Freelance Analyst
Andrew Wingfield, Freelance Analyst

I found Beth to be a well presented and easy to use platform for horse race betting. After I had set the parameters of what I wanted to bet on, I found regular recommendations would come through allowing me to bet in a more informed and analysed fashion than I otherwise would. I could then use Beth to fully track these bets throughout the day and look on as my profit accumulated. Thoroughly recommended.

puntfair.co.uk transparent logo
Ian from Puntfair

Beth.bet instantly grabs your attention, slick, sleek and very well designed it oozes class from top to bottom. There are many glossy websites elsewhere that lack substance, this is not one of them. If the exterior is professionally presented, then the interior is a magnificent cauldron of whirring cogs spitting out bets with serious aplomb. This site can be used by the novice punter, exchange traders, spread bettors and is a must for any aspiring pro and as a must-have tool for those already at the top of the game. If you bet on horses daily or even weekly this is an essential addition to make room for on a separate screen, thus making sure you do not miss the plethora of market moves that appear on Beth throughout the day.

Strongly recommend. Sign Up Now...

stephen harris horse racing expert
Stephen Harris, Horse Racing Editor

So was Beth profitable for me? Absolutely, I was able to see an incremental profit over time as I applied my targeted strategy and tailored my approach. It was easy to place my bets, set my limits and keep track of my results on a daily basis. The simplicity of Beth meant that I could make quick but well-considered decisions with ease and have full visibility throughout - it is this that makes this a go-to platform for punters and professional traders looking to hit their target every time.