Beth’s technology has been tried and tested for 2 years, with unprecedented results. Sign up now for free and check, test and verify Beth’s accuracy for yourselves. You will be amazed!

What is Beth Free offering?

We really want to share with you the results of Beth during the past 2 years. So, with Beth Free, you can actually set up bookmaker, number of bets, date range and more parameters of your choice and see how your theoretical bet panned out. In each and every combination, there is always a profit.

Can you give us an estimation of this profit?

Some numbers to remember:

Beth recommendations show an average profit of:

5% per day
150% per month
1800% per year

However, there are variations depending on the bookmaker, preferred setup etc. For example, if you used Beth to bet on Bet365 during 2019, placing on average 16 bets per day, you would see an initial budget increase of 46 times by the end of the year. This means that had you started with £100 on January 1, you‘d find yourself with £4.600 at year end.

The system delivered even better results for 2020, with a 55 times initial budget increase (using again the same settings for Bet365).

We encourage you to check Beth’s performance with the bookmaker of your choice by setting your own parameters.

What is the difference of Beth Free and Beth PRO?

Free Beth will give you access to test the system for the past 2 years. However, in order to get bet recommendations for upcoming events from Beth, you will need to upgrade to the Beth PRO.


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