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Beth Free

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  • Test and verify Beth’s accuracy using prediction data compiled over the past 2 years!
  • Bookmakers filter
  • Date range

Beth Basic

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  • Bookmakers filter
  • Start/Pause button
  • Min/Max odds filter
  • Recommendation Interval
  • 30 unique recommendations daily
£39.99 | month

Beth PRO

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  • Bookmakers filter
  • Min/Max odds filter
  • Bets on the Horse filter
  • Horse on the race filter
  • Odds Threshold Index
  • Avg Coef Falling Index
  • Time Till Race Index
£99.99 | month

If you have any questions regarding pricing speak to a member of the Beth support team who can also let you know about the latest Beth offers!

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Beth Free

To start you off, we let you use Beth for free. You can check, test and verify her accuracy for yourselves based on prediction data that we have compiled over the last two years. You will be amazed!

To test Beth Free, you just need to:

1. Go to the Stats tab
Choose a bookmaker
3. Set up period of time
4. Check previous Beth’s recommendations for horse racing outcomes and Beth’s profit.

Beth Basic

It could not be simpler to start getting the best experience of betting. You just need to:

1. Go to the Workspace tab

2. Choose your favourite bookmaker(-s)

3. Use Start/Pause button to receive bet recommendations only at a convenient time

4. Follow Beth’s recommendations and start placing bets on the bookmaker

5. Save them in your Beth account

6. Enjoy the horse race!

All the functions are set to default to maximise your profit potential from Beth’s amazing predictions. However, you have a chance to set up:

– Min/max odds filter: The minimum/maximum prices per horse

– Stake amount

– Recommendation Interval: the default is 90 seconds (every 90 seconds the recommendation will appear in the Workspace, you can change it as you’d like and adjust it to your betting rhythm).

Beth Pro

It could not be simpler. Everything is switched on by default to offer you the best experience. You just need to:

1. Check Settings tab and set up preferences based on your own betting experience and strategy
2. Go to the Workspace tab
3. Choose a bookmaker whose odds you would like to see for a betting prediction
4. Check your recommended bet
5. Leave Beth to place the bet on your chosen bookmaker’s website
6. Go back to Beth, click the ‘Save’ button (to save a record of the bet you placed)
7. Enjoy the horse race!  

With Beth PRO you have the chance to set up:

– Stake amount
– Min/max odds filter – The minimum/maximum coefficient per horse
– Bets on the Horse / Horse on the race filter – maximum number of bets on the same horse / on the same race
– Odds Threshold Index – the filter detects coefficient drops and prohibits bets on coefficients that are too low
– Avg Coef Falling Index – the percentage of the average drop in the coefficient for all bets made according to the specified filters
– Time Till Race –
is the amount of time before the race that you wish to stop receiving recommendations from Beth

Please note that everything is turned on by default for your best experience, however you can set up preferences based on your own betting experience and strategy.