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It’s better to ask: “Who is Beth?” Beth is an advanced AI system who provides online, real-time predictions.

You can choose which bookmaker to play at, apply the appropriate Beth Filters (BF) and then receive betting recommendations from Beth, which you place in your chosen bookmaker.

We recommend you place and ‘Save’ at least 20 bets per day as it will influence your results volatility. The more bets you save, the more stable your profit will be.

Based on the theory of probability, Beth implements a complex algorithm which includes analysis of numerous parameters, such as:

  • Desirable arbitrage situations
  • Conditions of horses
  • Conditions of racecourses
  • Statistics on jockeys
  • Numbers of horses in a race
  • And many other parameters

Absolutely.  Mathematics, which never lies, is at the very core of Beth’s system.

Absolutely not! Beth has been designed by players with players in mind. Therefore, you don’t need to have a PhD in mathematics, algebra or trigonometry or anything else related to numbers whatsoever. Knowledge of basic arithmetic and a love for betting will be enough.

Beth is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme that will make you a millionaire overnight. Beth is intended for the serious punters who are looking forward to risk-free, accumulative profit on a monthly or annual basis. Based on data analysis of the past 2 years, the average monthly profit of a punter who follows Beth’s recommendations is expected to be 150%.

BetVictor, Bet365, Coral, Ladbrokes, William Hill, 888 Sport, Paddy Power, 10bet, PokerStars Sport, BetWay, NetBet. More are on their way.

Yes. We are always working on expanding the variety of bookmakers for our customers to have the best experience possible. At the moment we are on the way to adding bookmakers such as Skybet, Leovegas and Betfred.

For the time being, yes. We plan to expand Beth’s algorithms into covering more sports like football and tennis, so stay tuned for more developments on this front.

Beth provides 30 unique selections in total throughout the day while using Beth Basic subscription.

In the Beth Pro subscription plan, there are around a hundred selections per 1 bookmaker. For example, if you choose 3 bookmakers, then it will be 300+ Beth recommended selections.

It can vary depending on your settings and what time of the day it is.

Let’s say you are located in the London time zone, you are using a Beth PRO subscription plan with default settings, with 1 bookmaker selected. In the first half of the day, you will get about one recommendation every few minutes. After midday, the predictions are going to appear a little less frequently as some of the events are getting settled.

If you are using a Beth Basic plan you will get exactly 30 unique predictions/a day. In Beth Basic, you can adjust how often you will receive the recommendation by simply selecting any time between 1 second and 1 hour in the ‘Recommendation Interval’ tab in Settings.

The best time to place bets with Beth is the first half of the day GMT 0. Beth starts creating the selections around 4 am and the best value can be found from 4 am to 12 pm. The predictions can be saved at any time, as long as the player follows them right away but they appear more frequently in the morning.

By default, it is 30 min which means that the Beth recommendation will come up at least 30 minutes before the race. You can set up your preferences on the Settings page and change the “Time Till Race” number from 0 to 300 minutes.

It is recommended to place as many bets as you can. It is always up to you how many bets you would like to place, but we encourage our customers to place (save) at least 20 bets per day to get a stable profit.

Sometimes the odds on the bookmaker can change within a few seconds after it got recommended by Beth but you still wish to place this bet. In this case, you can apply new odds in the ‘Coef Placed’ tab before clicking the ‘Save’ button.

BF are extremely smart and complex filters that take into account situations changing almost by the second (arbitrage, odds changes, race conditions). BF also bring into play elements like the current form of horses and jockeys, extensive historical data, and much more.

Examples of some BF include:

  • Maximum number of bets on the same horse
  • Maximum number of bets on the same race
  • Min/Max odds
  • Odds thresholds (the filter detects coefficient drops and prohibits bets on coefficients that are too low)
  • Time Till Race (the amount of time before the race that you wish to stop receiving recommendations from Beth)

BF are unique technology that only Beth utilises. They are what makes Beth stand out from the crowd.

All options are turned on by default to give you the best user experience but you can change preferences to reflect your betting experience and strategy. Any changes applied in Settings will determine the way the Beth algorithm works for you. We recommend you place and ‘Save’ at least 20 bets per day as it will influence your results volatility. The more bets you save, the more stable your profit will be.

Beth algorithm is constantly analysing data and consists of numerous different factors including actual going. And it is both factored during the day and before the race.

Best Odds Guaranteed can’t be applied by Beth automatically, however, you can apply changes to the odds on your previously saved bets. To do that just open “Stats” menu, pick a day at which the bet was saved, find your bet, click “Edit”, enter new details and click “Apply” (checkmark sign).

Beth advocates responsible gambling. Part of our mission is to minimise the time players spend on analysing gambling parameters AND the risks they take with compulsive gambling.

Beth has been created and developed by BRC IT Lab, which was founded by experienced gaming industry professionals who are first and foremost players themselves. Beth is one of the very few products on the market designed by players for players.

BRC IT Lab is a Software Company registered in Ireland (Registration No: LP2547, Registered Office: Office 29, Clifton House, Fitzwilliam Street Lower, Dublin 2, Ireland, D02XT91). The company is focused on creating premium software for betting. Beth is its flagship product. See more at BRC website.

It depends on what your definition of ‘expensive’ is. Beth offers Free, Basic and Pro subscription plans. You can start for free and see if Beth works for you (we guarantee it will). Longer subscriptions have considerable discounts. Please, check our Pricing page.

For all Beth Free subscribers, we are offering one week of Beth Basic trial. You can activate the free trial after registration.

At the moment we accept VISA/Mastercard and PayPal, but we are working on adding additional payment methods for our customer’s best experience.

Beth subscription is a one-time purchase that will not be automatically renewed, so you will not be charged automatically. You are in control of your subscription. So, do not forget to continue your Beth plan!