What is horse racing?

From the Olympic Games in ancient Greece and chariot races of the Romans until today, horse racing has won the hearts and the minds of millions of people from all cultures across the globe. It is not for nothing  that it is called ‘the sport of kings’!

Horse racing imageryBetting on horse racing

Before modern times, the way to bet on a horse race was to be on the spot in an area called the ‘betting ring’ Here on-course bookmakers would shout their odds. Charming? Yes. Practical? Not so much. Today, however, you can bet on a horse race outcome (and not only on one – actually on hundreds) from the warmth and comfort of your house with online betting. Needless to say, this is where Beth will be by your side to assist and guide you.

The excitement of betting

Horse racing is the  third most popular sport to bet on in America and the most popular internationally. Its unique characteristics  distinguish it from all other forms of gambling. Betting on horse races is not just a pastime – it’s a thriving culture, with its own pre and post-race rituals. Adding Beth to your routine adds  another dimension to this ritual!

horse race pic taken from underneathNumerous daily races

The primary motivation for betting on horses is simply to have a good time. However, the excitement and challenges it brings are also hugely important, and this is where the huge number of daily races comes in. If there was just one race during the whole day, the thrill and the expectations of the players would just not be the same…

Short duration of races

Betting on horse races is adrenaline-filled. In stark contrast with other forms of betting, where a player usually has to wait for several hours for the result (Live Betting excluded – though one is never sure whether this is real betting or just a game of chance), horse races are usually over in a matter of minutes. Yet another reason why you need Beth more than ever!