Analytics has been created after many months of development and testing, with the aim of dramatically improving the users understanding and profitability from using Beth.bet. The numerous unique filters provide a way of assessing racing results in Britain and Ireland in a large number of different ways, whether it be by jockey or trainer, individual race track, going description etc. By choosing a time period to look back at these results, you can accurately see where your betting is most successful (and with which bookmaker you have made the most profits). Overall this is a real game changer for punters, whether they are recreational Saturday players, or the more professional full-time backer of horses every day of the week.

Analytics consists from:

Beth Analytics

By using the unique Beth Filters, it is possible to identify winning trends in your betting over a huge number of different parameters. The filters allow a punter to choose his time period, bookmaker, horse, jockey, trainer, going, weather, price etc. and produce real time analysis of how profitable his selections have been. By understanding where he has been successful in the past, the astute punter can concentrate more on these areas, honing his skills alongside the selections generated by the Beth. Every different variation in the filters produces an accurate graph of profit and loss over the chosen period of time, illustrating clearly the value of obtaining early prices (that vastly underrate the true chance of the horse winning the race).

Available only for Beth Subscribers and Trial users!

SP Analytics

The SP Analytics tool works in a very similar way to Beth Analytics, but with the crucial difference that the profit and loss obtained is measured against the Starting Price. This price is the final end price of every horse racing in Britain and Ireland, and is extremely accurate in predicting their chances of success in any given race. So for example, a horse with a starting price of Even money will have approximately a 50% chance of winning that particular race, or a 33/1 chance will have around a 3% chance of victory. The filters generate the profit and loss graphs in just the same way, but this is the gold standard measurement of your selections profitability compared with the final price they are returned at (the SP). All the most successful horse racing selection tools should be compared against the SP, and by adjusting the filters to suit your betting requirements you get a crystal clear picture of all the possible outcomes.

Being a professional trader or just a curious user of Beth subscription, you will be able to perform a full-fledged research of any horse race and making your own assumptions.

SP Analytics is available for all users of Beth.bet  


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