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Racing League

For 6 weeks beginning in  July 2021, 12 teams will go head-to-head each Thursday evening in six races that are each worth £50k in prize money and a total of 100 points.

Points will be awarded in each race –  from 25 points goes to the winner, and then the amount progressively lowers down to 1 point for 10th place.

The team with the most points after 36 races is declared the winner of the Racing League.

That’s 6 weeks, 12 teams, 36 races, 3,600 points and over £2m in prize money up for grabs!


Race Day 1 – Newcastle – 29th July
Race Day 2 – Doncaster – 5th August
Race Day 3 – Lingfield Park – 12th August
Race Day 4 – Royal Windsor – 19th August
Race Day 5 – Lingfield Park – 26th August
Race Day 6 – Newcastle – 2nd September

Fun fact:

The prize money is shared between the owners, jockeys, trainers and managers, according to the standard BHA distribution. Racing League champions also receive a winning team bonus. Each team will have a fan ambassador (or ‘Super Fan’) who will also win money if their team is victorious the Racing League.