Beth is a state-of-the-art AI-based horse racing prediction tool that will change the way you think about horse betting. At the heart of its system lie powerful algorithms that implement mathematical probability laws on arbitrage situations. Beth checks, in real time, many important factors, like horse pedigree, history, track conditions and even weather reports.

The result is unprecedented accuracy in horse racing prediction. Beth recommends, with measurable success, winning horses, especially underrated ones. Its advice will lead to a profound change in your betting patterns, with better insights and increased chances of profit.


Beth Filters (BF) are the product of unique, proprietary technology that is exclusively utilised by Beth. They make Beth stand out from the crowd of hundreds of on and offline betting systems.

Beth Filters are extremely smart and complex, taking into account situations that are changing almost by the second (arbitrage, odds changes, race conditions). BF also bring into play elements like the current form of horses and jockeys, extensive historical data, and much more.

Examples of some of BF include:

– Maximum number of bets on the same horse
– Maximum number of bets on the same race
– Min/Max odds
– Odds thresholds (the filter detects coefficient drops and prohibits bets on coefficients that are too low)
Time Till Race (the amount of time before the race that you wish to stop receiving recommendations from Beth)

Beth AI algorithm visualization

Wide range of choices
Right now, Beth covers the UK’s top bookmakers in horse racing:

William Hill
888 Sport
Paddy Power
PokerStars Sports

More are on their way.

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