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‘Snide Each-Way’. It’s a phrase that we’ve heard for a long time, but it’s only really just started to get on my wick. That is only because it’s suddenly dawned on me what a bloody cheek it is. Not only is it a bloody cheek but us punters have actually fallen for it. For as long as I can remember we as punters have been programmed to feel guilty about having an each-way bet in a race that doesn’t suit the bookmakers. 

After all, it’s a damn liberty, isn’t it? People that own bookmaking businesses are some of the top earners in the country, and yet if you have the audacity to try and have a bet in a race where mathematically the odds aren’t stacked against you, you get branded as some sort of burglar. That’s not too far-fetched either, being told that your bet hasn’t been accepted because it’s a ‘filthy each-way race’. How many punters have been told their each-way bet hasn’t been accepted for their own good in a seven-runner race because it’s a ‘filthy each-way’ race? None of course, because it’s not ‘filthy’ for the bookmaker, just for you, like your Mum’s each-way bet in the Grand National.

You also hear people saying that your shouldn’t bet in ‘snide each-way races’ because it’s the quickest way of getting your account closed down. Hold up. Bookmakers are going to close your account down because you have bets in races where you actually might have an edge in? How is that even allowed to happen? It’s not like you have found some way of getting your money on after you know the result or have bribed a member of staff to write you one in after the race. Nope, you have just had a bet with a bookmaker, who has priced up a race and offered each-way terms.

It is incredible when you think about it.

It’s not a new thing though, even on course back in the day, the bookmakers would bet to a terrific margin most of the time. Like I recalled in a previous blog some bookmakers would pick and choose the races they got stuck into, or even bet in. If they were ‘betting well’ they would be calling the punters in, if the other layers were ‘tearing it up’ some firms would hide under their mushes and not try a yard or even pull up stumps and head home. It was probably the only time that I’d hear people get totally knocked back on course. A clever punter coming in and asking for £1000 – £180 each-way something when the favourite was odds-on, then getting told ‘Leave me out each way’.

Those races aren’t ‘filthy’ or ‘snide’ they are just races that bookmakers don’t want to take us on each-way in. When you think about it, why would we bet in any other type of race? I can’t believe we’ve fallen for it this long. Can you imagine a high street shop banning you because you had the audacity to come in and snap up a bargain in the January sales? Then telling you it was because they won’t make as much profit from you buying the item at a reduced price. That despite holding the sale in the first place?

No, you can’t, is the answer to that question and it’s laughable the bookies can do it with impunity.

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