alex bird the life and secrets of a professional punter
Horse RacingJuly 21, 20210

Remembering Alex Bird

I wasn’t quite 18 when I discovered the wonderfully seedy world of 1980’s betting shops. Soon after becoming a regular losing my wages week in week out I became enthralled by Barney Curley, my first realisation that there were professional gamblers…

horse racing fans on the racecourse in 2021
Horse RacingJuly 19, 20210

Weekend Round-Up

Saturday’s racing was embroiled in controversy early on when the inconsistency of stewarding decisions were highlighted in stark fashion. First up was the opening race at Newbury, the bet365 EBF Novice Stakes. The punters thought they gotten off to a great start…

old photograph of Jack Bevan
Horse RacingJuly 13, 20210

Jack Bevan

The last time I saw Archie on a racecourse, he was knee high to his grandfather Ian. Archie is now a strapping young man maybe evening edging his dad Paul in the height stakes.

The author and 'Big Mac' 20odd years after the autograph
Horse RacingJuly 6, 20210

John McCririck

He’d already become the face of the betting ring on TV by the time I got into racing in around 1982. I should rephrase that, I got into betting first, but the love of horseracing soon followed.