Beth Analytics

By popular demand of industry experts to be able to use our huge database and make their own predictions, we are in the process of adding an incredibly diverse and quite comprehensible tool – Beth Analytics.

Do you want to put yourself in Beth’s shoes?

Let’s draw the curtain a little and check how you can benefit from this upcoming tool.

With the help of numerous parameters you may assess racing results to find different regularities and statistics.

Do you want to find winning trends from past results?

Here is one of very interesting discoveries. Everyone knows famous jockey Brian Hughes.

Using our amazing SP Analytics we can see his racing results during the 2021 year.

Hmmm, looks like not very promising you can say. But wait a minute, we see nice shot in first two months of the year – let’s dive deeper in this period:

Now the task is to find winning trends – let’s check only first place races.

50% of these mentioned above winning races Brian Hughes won with trainer Donald McCain. And you know what? This race team is a winning combination during all 2021 and if you have bet on them during the year you would have been in a nice profit! Check this graph below:

Maybe we could apply a more detailed filter and find even greater results. We noticed that they win mostly on Musselburgh racecourse: from 14 races, 8 were winning ones.

How do you like that? Check the screenshots below:

So, very likely this is a winning trend: Brian Hughes + Donald McCain + Musselburgh racecourse = brings you lots of profits!

Being a professional trader or just a curious user of Beth subscription, you will be able to perform a full-fledged research of any horse race, applying different filters and making your own assumptions. We are all very intrigued, aren’t you?

Stay tuned! It’s coming soon…only for Beth Subscribers and Trial users!

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