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Whether you’re new to sports betting or had your share of bookie-related experience already, chances are you worry about getting your account limited in some way by a bookmaker, especially if you do have a set of rules you follow while punting, often referred to as a punting strategy. Here at Beth the success of every customer is a top priority – after all, it is what Beth is all about – helping you reach stable profits with a bookmaker of your choice. That’s why we want to make sure our users understand the mechanisms bookmakers rely on, so that your profits depend on a bookie itself the least possible way.

Before we get into the depth of account limitations, let’s agree on a bottom line – the number one goal of any bookmaker is to earn money, and that’s only possible if we, punters, lose, which means that a bookmaker is not going to appreciate your punting patterns if you win over and over again. And so if you do plan to win – be prepared in advance to accept your account’s fate – sooner or later it is going to be noticed by a bookie, and some sort of action will be taken upon it in order to satisfy bookie’s goal number one. It’s a simple rule of jungle and it’s crucial to remember while making decisions related to your bookmaker account, punting strategy, stakes size etc.

Every bookmaker can limit an account in different ways, each helping them to decrease the winner’s profits. The strictness of these actions depends on your activity on their website:

Closing account completely

If your account got closed, the only thing you can do is go to the support team of your bookmaker and try claiming an unfair decision from their side, although chances are – if your account got closed, it’s for a good reason and you should not expect it to be re-opened. Though to be fair, bookies usually avoid closing accounts completely unless you explicitly violate the Terms & Conditions.

Blocking for an uncertain period of time

This is also quite an aggressive type of limitation which is usually impossible to argue about once it happened. The only thing to remember here is that no bookmaker is allowed to take money available to your account – you should always be able to withdraw what you have left there.

Limiting stake amount

If you’ve been on a good streak for a longer period of time, you will eventually see a notification stating that your maximum bet is now limited to 1/2/5/10/20 pounds. Bookies to that once they realise you’ve been screwing them and this is the way they can ensure you don’t win too much from them – this is the precaution step for them to limit losses.

Restricting certain sports/leagues

This almost never happens with popular sports like football, basketball or horse racing, but it’s possible to get restricted to bet on certain lower-level and unpopular leagues/sports especially if you’ve been on a winning streak for, say a few weeks in Portugal Liga 3.

Denying access to various bonuses throughout the website

Every bonus on a bookmaker’s website has been designed for those punters who tend to lose more in order for them to lose even more. If you don’t have access to bookmaker’s bonus system any more – this is a sign for you that a bookie picked up that you are not a fool, so stay alerted.

Don’t be offended when either of these actions get applied to your account. It’s actually a good thing! It means exactly what you think – you started to screw the bookie to an extent that they are afraid of you as a punter. It means your strategy worked and you did exactly what you should have. Now it’s time for you to alter your path a little, depending on just how limited your account got. There’s always another way for you to continue punting on your favourite sports!

What to do if account got banned

First, you should take this one easy and don’t freak out. Try talking to the support, understand why exactly your account got closed and check if there’s any chance of restoring it. Most probably the answer is going to be ‘No’, and then the next thing you should do is go look for your next bookmaker. Beth is only giving predictions for the most trusted bookmakers, so our independent bookmakers section is a good place to start your search.

What to do if the stakes are limited to 1/2/5/10 pound

Well, it’s not the end of the world – you can still regularly place bets following your strategy of choice. So what if your profits will get smaller with this particular bookmaker? You took your time to win money from them already, now is a good time to think about your next bookmaker.

What to do if bonuses are no longer available to you?

You should not rely on any bonuses in the first place – as mentioned, they are specifically designed to trick you into spending more money on a website. If your strategy relies on bonuses you should change that to a more independent one. Don’t get fooled by a bookie!

In reality though, there is only one important question left to answer…

Are you playing to win or being played?

Are you playing to win or being played?

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