Jim Clarke bookmaker at the racecourse
Horse RacingJune 16, 20210

A Royal Ascot Catastrophe

One year I got a day’s work with fellow Dorset bookmaker Jim Clarke. Jim and I got on really well but our day working together at Royal Ascot was memorable for all the wrong reasons. I am not at Royal Ascot this year but sitting down to write about it did get me reminiscing. Here is the story, a tale of woe, people who do not like to read about bookmakers losing, stop reading now!

Horse RacingJune 1, 20210

Backing them down

The three racecourse bookmakers I worked for regularly were all very different. The first one, Jack Lynn, an old-school bookie, he was D Day veteran, or as he’d always correct, ‘second-wave’ with the Welsh Guards. You had a better chance of coming home if you weren’t in the first wave.