Horse RacingJune 3, 20210

The Punter’s Lame and Oaks and Derby News

The big story from Newmarket on Wednesday was nothing to do with the Derby or the Oaks. No, it was news about that loveable man about town the bookies fear. He’s known simply as @ThePunter2020 on Instagram to his legions of fans, professional punter Martin Raymond has been laid up, hospital bound, having a knee operation.

Horse RacingMay 12, 20210

Drones the final Frontier

During lockdown, racecourses have been devoid of paying customers and so quiet during the race that you have been able to hear the light crack of the ProCush, the shouting of the jockeys and if you listened carefully the gentle buzz of an array of drones overhead. Whilst helicopters were in the past nick-named the eye in the sky, it would be difficult to hazard a guess just how many eyes are behind each of those unmanned flying objects.