Beth has learn’t to produce predictions based on two years of tried and tested learning, with unprecedented results. Register now to check, test and verify Beth’s accuracy for yourselves. Be amazed!

What can you test with Beth?

You can test and see the results that Beth has given over the past two years. Simply set up your preferred bookmaker, the number of bets, date range and other parameters of your choice to see how your theoretical bet panned out. For each and every combination, there is a profit!

What are Beth’s average profit estimations?

Beth recommendations show an average profit of:

5% per day

150% per month

1800% per year

These figures are average profit estimations and vary depending on the bookmaker and personal setup etc. For example, if you setup Beth to bet on Bet365 during 2019, placing on averahge 16 bets per day, you would see and initial budget increase of x46 by the end of the year. This means if you started betting with £100 on January 1, 2019 you would achieve £4,600 at year end.

Amazingly, with this same scenario Beth achieved even better results in 2020, with a x55 budget increase.

So check out Beth’s performance with your favourite bookmaker and your own settings! Test out Beth’s accuracy now!

Real-time predictions and profit with Beth Basic

Whilst you can test Beth’s accuracy using data from the past two years for free, you need to subscribe to Beth Basic in order to get bet recommendations for upcoming events and REAL PROFITS!

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