Beth.bet wants to change the way we think about betting and give punters an innovative platform to help make informed betting decisions in order to become more profitable. How does it do that? Beth.bet goes beyond the bookmakers’ odds with its tried and tested game-changing AI technologies.

They have developed a state-of-the art AI based horse racing prediction tool and complex algorithm, designed to analyse the numerous parameters in horse racing (bookmaker odds movement, going, form, jockey statistics, the draw, number of horses in the race, weather etc.) based on the theory of probability on value betting scenarios. Not only that, but Beth also wants to provide a one-stop shop for betting intel with real-time market insights, exclusive industry expertise and second to none, VIP subscriber services. 

I have personally tested the beth.bet website for many months now and the whole process involved in creating the product has taken several years of development. This has produced a very desirable product that is a must for any punter wishing to make his horse racing betting with the bookmakers profitable over time.

With the full launch of Beth Pro we are going to take a look at the

Top 10 Reasons why the smart punter needs Beth.bet

1. Discipline

The suggested horses generated by the unique Beth algorithm provide more than enough bets to turn a profit on your betting. Nearly all of the bets generated are moving positively in the market, but you can also combine the analysis of the form, weather, draw, going and other numerous factors to help make strategic, more disciplined betting decisions. It also takes away any indecision by providing a clear structure for all your wagers with the bookmakers, implementing mathematical probability laws based on value price situations. Beth.bet provides step-by-step guidance and this simplicity will appeal to the novice and pro punter alike. It will change the punter’s betting patterns with clearer insight and a more holistic view of the market conditions all on one convenient platform.

2. Turnover

One of the problems with betting can be turning over enough money to make a small percentage profit into enough something to make the whole process worthwhile financially. Beth algorithm generates numerous horses every day, depending on the price levels you set using the unique filters. You will need to have access to as many bookmaker accounts as possible, with beth.bet directing you to the best prices available… Placing the punter ahead of the market on a regular basis and showing impressive profits as a result.

3. Steady profitability

The Beth.bet algorithm has been rigorously tested over the last few years and is proven to generate steady and reliable profits from the horses thrown up by the comprehensive data provided. Depending on your user calibration and loyalty to Beth.bet, users can achieve regular and steady profits each month. 

4. Tracking profit & loss

With the Beth.bet user services, subscribers have the ability to track all your winning bets and see where you are most successful (and which bookmakers you win the most from overall). In other words, you can comprehensively analyse your betting statistics on your own user dashboard. This is extremely helpful in keeping records without being time consuming and is another terrific aid for the most astute punters.

5. Customer Support

The team at Beth.bet provide great customer support and are on hand to answer any questions you have or user issues. Responsiveness to any queries or problems are quickly resolved in a friendly and professional manner, something that is very much appreciated in a largely automated world in the betting industry.

6. Time Saving

Beth.bet’s robust, responsive, real-time scroller regularly gives you access to all market activity, coupled with direct links to the leading bookmakers and your account (with profit and loss dashboard all via the platform). This is hugely time saving, allowing for easier up-to-the-minute analysis and the latest predictions. Overall, the level of intel would take even a seasoned punter many hours to research and execute effectively, but Beth does all the hard work for you. Don’t worry though, they haven’t taken the thrill and fun out of punting – instead Beth Pro saves doing many hours of analysis.

7. Beth’s exclusive filter

The unique filter enables you to create your bespoke user environment by using personal preferences to select your own punting parameters. Whether it be the price range of horses you want to focus on (for example, a range between 10/1 – 40/1), or if you want to focus on short-priced favourites, subscribers can tailor the filter to your needs as a punter. 

8. Always take the top price on offer in the market

Beth algorithm is directing you to bookmakers who are offering the top prices on horses. There is no need to go elsewhere, the Beth PRO does this for you saving a great deal of time and ensuring the best value for your punting pounds. You can also adjust the unique filter to use bookmakers where you haExclusive beth.bet blogs and racing analysisve accounts active, again saving plenty of time and allowing you to play at the very best price available all of the time.

9. Long term profitability proven over three years of extensive testing

Beth algorithm has been tested over the last few years and fine-tuned before launching to market. It has proven long-term profitable results using your wide range of bookmaker accounts. If you have access to a large range of unrestricted betting accounts, you really can turn something you see as a hobby into a far more professional and business-like operation.

10. Exclusive beth.bet blogs and racing analysis

Beth.bet is growing quickly and their coverage of horse racing, with unique weekly news and insights from industry experts Simon Nott and Stephen Harris. This is invaluable advice and very helpful in growing your knowledge of racing and the betting industry, with punting insights and suggestions that will enhance your understanding of the sport immeasurably.

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