Two great new features have been added to Beth.bet exclusively for professional traders and astute pro subscribers (after months of research and development), designed to give a critical edge in the punters’ battle to beat the bookmakers.  

The Beth Analytics and SP Analytics are intended to cover every possible angle that is important when considering your horse racing selections. It is now possible to look back on your betting performance (over a time period of your choosing) and analyse the most successful (or unsuccessful) areas, whether broken down by bookmaker, racecourse, by individual horse, trainer, jockey or the going. 

Subscribers can now perform in-depth research on any horse race by applying multiple filters to scrutinise horse racing data like never before, all on one convenient platform. Looking at the many variables when making betting selections and reflecting on the outcomes using the Beth Analytics tool (with unlimited access to a huge database of racing results in Britain and Ireland) punters can make their own informed assumptions using the data.  

This can make the crucial difference between making profitable betting decisions over time using the Beth.bet prediction tool. You can establish clear and transparent trends, honing your betting skills in areas where the most profits are achieved. 

These new features produce easy to understand profit and loss graphs (over a period of time that you control), so you could look exclusively at 2-y-o races between the months of May and August to see how William Haggas has fared.

Every permutation of analysis is possible from discovering patterns and trends that may well be missed by the market going forwards. Or home in on just Class 1 races over three miles during the winter months, seeing where the most profitable selections have got on in certain areas. 

There is no limit at all on how deep you can delve using the unique filters.

If your betting accounts are limited (a common problem for any successful punter who regularly beats the starting price) and you only have access to two or three bookmaker accounts, you can focus exclusively on for example Bet365 or William Hill to see how your betting using the prediction tool has fared over this time. As a punter the success of your long-term profitability depends on beating the SP, and now with SP Analytics it is possible to compare to see the difference between getting early prices with certain bookmakers and the final profitability at SP. This often goes to illustrate that beating the final SP by using the Beth.bet prediction tool is the route to long term success and profitability for all punters. 

This is also a brilliant way of seeing which bookmakers offer the most value in their early prices (or who are willing to entertain winning accounts over a period of time). Some bookmakers may allow winning accounts, so they get a marker on which horses to cut in price (once a bet has been placed by a marked “warm” customer).

Alongside the obvious filters of individual racehorse form, it is possible to use the Beth Analytics / SP Analytics to look at jockey form, trainer form or to filter down your selections in terms of going, tracks, or class of race. For example, as a professional punter understanding the different characteristics of all the different racecourses can be a crucial factor. Racecourses such as Bath firmly favour speed horses, with the ground usually riding on the faster side in the summer months when they have the bulk of their fixtures (there is no watering system at Bath). By looking back at past results at Bath, you can see which trainers or individual horses excel granted these sharp conditions and compare how that form might translate to different tracks.

Alternatively, focusing on courses such as Ffos Las (which traditionally produces soft ground and is a very big galloping track) you will be able to see the areas where your betting has been most profitable. Horses that are speedy and need fast ground are often sunk without trace when tackling these unsuitable conditions. Understanding your betting results and why they have happened is a key component in making your betting profitable over time.

Certainly, at tracks like Cheltenham, where the races are nearly all of a high standard, highly competitive and with good prize money, finding winners is a much harder task than for example finding winners on a Monday at Plumpton (where the racing is lower grade and less competitive). By using the Beth.bet prediction tool punters can find horses that are at a bigger price in the morning than they end up with their final starting price, and to make punting successful beating the final SP of a horse is the key to long-term profitability. By looking back at past results using Beth Analytics and SP Analytics you can hone your skills around the right areas, seeing where you have been making the most profits so that you know in future to focus on those.

Specialising in certain areas is a key for any smart punter, whether a seasoned professional or a recreational Saturday player, and developing understanding of the formbook is a key edge that can enable you to beat the bookmakers. Beth.bet have enhanced the platform further with Beth Analytics to give the punter a data driven edge to their professional punting. 

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