Stephen Harris is a bettinexpert.com and Huffington Post contributor with more than 20 years of experience in the UK racing industry. Please, read his review on Beth below. 

The question many savvy punters ask themselves is “Is matched betting still worth it?” A reasonable question given the commitment to subscription fees and the competition for a smart trader’s focus.

Whilst this is not a get rich quick scheme the real value of matched betting is the amount of time you are willing to put in the greater the reward and finding the right tools to help you play smarter.

One such tool is BRC Lab’s subscription service Beth, one of the best betting platforms specifically created for auto arbitrage in horse racing designed to lock in the best prices and supercharge your gambling performance strategy. Whether you are a busy punter or pro trader you want to save time, get the value angle, receive real-time betting intel whilst minimizing risk.

Beth could be the App that is a real game changer for you. So how does it work? Beth’s betting solution has been designed by BRC’s developers using a smart algorithm to provide real-time online betting predictions. This isn’t based on chance, it is based on mathematical probability and real data therefore offering greater profitability potential. 

Having been a punter and a bookmaker for the best part of 30 years, I am

usually skeptical about “magic bullets” that profess to find winning formulas for punters – but at first glance and having tested the platform over the last few months Beth seems to be an extremely valuable tool in the battle to beat the bookmaker. 

For a monthly subscription you have full access to the platform and dashboard services which help you to create a bespoke daily analysis which encompasses all the complex parameters and statistics such as horses, jockeys, location, going and handicap to name a few. 

It essentially gives the client a one stop shop, up to the minute, real-time experience with its constantly flowing ticker flagging ‘hot horses’ to back at a certain price with direct links to a wide range of bookmakers. 

I was able to create a view and follow the recommendations with ease with a few easy to follow steps. This makes Beth a hugely time-saving tool and is an efficient way of managing your bets responsibly locking in risk-free accumulative profit month-on-month, all via the app.

Beth aims to help clients achieve an average monthly profit of 150% of total turnover by giving them the opportunity to fine tune the predictor to suit their specific betting requirements – for example you can apply various filters such as bookmaker,

min/max odds, date range, and “Beth Filters” (included into the algorithm, services that, based on various parameters and arbitration situations form recommendations for bets) narrowing or widening the field of play as appropriate providing a comprehensive overview of all bets in play.

There is also a dashboard feature so the punter can easily take a look at the flow of horses that are getting backed and shortening in price whilst being able to track profit & progress, analyze results all through a convenient overview.

So was it profitable for me? Absolutely, I was able to see an incremental profit over time as I applied my targeted strategy and tailored my approach. It was easy to place my bets, set my limits and keep track of my results on a daily basis. The simplicity of

Beth meant that I could make quick but well-considered decisions with ease and have full visibility throughout – it is this that makes this a go-to platform for punters and professional traders looking to hit their target every time.

My top 5 stand-out features are:

1) Return On Investment. The positive algorithm dynamics behind Beth enabling smart predictions coupled with the use of key filters enables the punter to use their judgment and focus on sound betting strategies which undoubtedly yield profitable returns over time. Well worth the subscription fee VS the ROI.

2) Responsiveness & Functionality. Beth provides a reliable, fast real-time experience which is easy to use and means you always get the best value and the top price – impressive! Once you have set up the relevant filters it is very simple to place a bet and get started.

3) Market Analysis. The current range of bookmakers you can use such as BetVictor, Bet 365, Coral, Ladbrokes & William Hill is excellent, and this looks set to grow, giving the client the edge with a holistic view of the market.

4) Simplified Process. Matched betting is often perceived as an over complicated technique to navigate but the Beth platform simplifies the process step by step making this appealing to both the professional trader and recreational punter alike.

5) Account Set-Up. Easy to get started, excellent how-to guides and on point

Customer Service which is imperative for a subscription service and a definite client expectation.

Stephen Harris – Professional Punter and Horse Racing Editor

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