stick to your horse racing strategy to increase winning chances

Finding winners and sticking to successful betting systems is a key part of being a profitable punter in the long term. Alongside the excellent Beth.bet prediction tool, punters can regularly show a profit if they keep their discipline and stick to a certain strategy using tried and tested techniques. Be consistent, play in a disciplined way and treat your betting like a business.

This week Beth.bet tipster Stephen Harris shares horse racing strategies and systems for successful punting exclusively for Beth.bet subscribers.

Specialise in niche areas by narrowing the field

There is so much volume of racing these days (in particular during long summer months when meetings are held throughout the extended daylight hours well into the evening), which can be overwhelming for all punters. The sheer number of events is daunting, and it can cloud sound judgement if you don’t follow a clear strategy. It is far better to focus your efforts and become an expert in a narrower field. For example, you might wish to punt solely on 2 y-o races or a specific ‘Group’ race for older horses. Narrowing the terms in which you play on horse racing means you can become an expert in a niche area, by understanding the parameters and key players which can give you a vital edge.

Keep up to date with the very latest ‘going’ an weather

Nothing is more important in horse racing than the state of the weather at the tracks and the ground that a horse will have to contend with. For example, unexpected rain can rapidly change conditions from good fast ground to soft ground, and some horses are unable to handle these testing conditions having been entered up expecting top of the ground. Stay abreast of all the latest going information by following the key accounts on twitter like the British Horseracing Association or timeform.com who provide invaluable, real-time news for clued-up punters who want to stay ahead of the game.

The effect of the draw

Astute punters are advised to keep a “draw diary” for the flat race season, noting down any bias at each track over every distance. For the shorter distance races like five or six furlongs there can often be extreme bias favouring one side of the track or another. Keep a daily record of any bias which will be a valuable guide to winner finding in the future. For example, there are well known biases like low numbers at Chester, (that are already well factored into the market), but others are more subtle and nuanced (and missed by the market). A low draw at Pontefract has been a huge advantage over the last few years on quick ground, particularly in the sprint races, where a frontrunning ride from stalls 1 or 2 can be at a huge advantage bagging the favoured far rail.

Latch on to up-and-coming trainers and jockeys

Following the leading jockeys like Frankie Dettori or Ryan Moore (who are well-known and have a huge punter following) is largely futile and unrewarding financially. They have backers for all their rides, who probably compress the prices out of loyalty to their fantastic record over the years. Better value can be found by watching the races closely, looking at young claiming jockeys and newer trainers who are hungry for winners (and have the potential to break into the upper echelons of the sport as they pick up more rides and train more horses). Trainers such as David Menuisier or Mick Appleby have terrific strike rates with their horses often at a lower level, and a shrewd punter who can identify these sorts of up-and-coming racing participants will be more profitable. Jockey wise, both Cieran Fallon and Ben Coen have really impressed this summer and are worth keeping on side of going forwards.

Avoid chasing down prices

The Beth.bet prediction tool is excellent for identifying value in the morning prices on horse racing. The key to success in the longer term here is getting on at the top price before it contracts. Avoid chasing down prices you might have missed. For example, if the Beth.bet algorithm highlights a 16/1 chance in the morning, but you missed the price, it is no good taking 8/1 later on just to have a bet and chase action. Stay calm and fully in control of your betting, with consistent staking. Take a business-like approach to your betting.

Never chase your losses

Horse racing can be a volatile sport – although using Beth.bet can help mitigate some risk and help you secure longer term profits. This can be thrown away however if you double your stakes or chase losses on the day. Be consistent and play month to month rather than adopting an erratic day to day strategy. Use the tools available and stay patient, look at which areas of racing you are most successful in and concentrate on them. 

Betting accounts

Make sure you have a full range of betting accounts at your disposal funded and ready to use. Ensure you vary your activity and play only at the top price on offer.  Having access to as many bookmakers as possible will make your activities harder to track, and give you access to as much competitive action as possible. Take advantage of bookmaker offers, such as extra places on the top handicaps, best odds guaranteed or cash back if you finish second. At the big meetings in particular there can be some fantastic value on offer to punters.

Keep stakes regulated

Play consistently and stay in your comfort zone – the best piece of advice is to keep in control and avoid overreaching financially – never bet more than you can afford to lose. While that might seem obvious, it is important to keep in mind that betting should not have a negative impact on other parts of your life. The Beth.bet platform can help you accurately pinpoint the value and keep a record of your stakes to see where you are most successful over time. Use this analysis for smarter punting and keep control of the purse-strings.

Create and maintain a database of all the racing forms

An essential aid for all serious punters looking to succeed is to have comprehensive knowledge of the form. Keeping a database maintained is one of the best ways to be able to track this information and stay on top. A full video archive of all meetings is available on all the leading racing websites i.e., sportinglife.com, which will quickly allow you to develop a deeper understanding of the sport. Watching the racing and making detailed notes will quickly build up your racing knowledge. It is amazing how many things get missed and this can help you understand when the prices are incorrect when looking at future races. For example, you may note down that frontrunners are very much favoured at Bangor on the hurdle course. An impressive all-the-way winner there last month is a very short price for his next race, but this comes at a very different galloping track, and he is unlikely to get his own way dictating at the head of affairs. Understanding the horses and their preferences is a key part of being a successful punter.

The price is everything

At the end of the day with horse racing, however you make your betting decisions, getting the best price available is the difference between profit and loss overall. Always make your betting price dependent, and alongside the Beth.bet prediction tool is the key to long term profitability. The Beth.bet platform is devastatingly accurate at finding value in the early morning prices on horse racing and is a vital tool whether you are a punter setting out into the world of betting, or a hardened professional with years of experience.

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