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One of the great perils of modern punting in the digital age is finding that your betting account has been restricted by bookmakers. This can be for a variety of reasons, not necessarily due to the account being in profit overall, but because firms increasingly use smart technologies and algorithms themselves to monitor and track betting patterns (and monitor all betting activities at the individual account level). In particular, picking up on accounts that are regularly beating the final or starting price with regard to betting on horse racing. Astute price conscious Beth.bet punters will need to be acutely aware of this to avoid the dreaded account restrictions or effective shut-down.

Here are Stephen Harris’ tips for navigating the pitfalls and keeping your account unrestricted, allowing you to be at a stake size that can make significant long-term profits from using the Beth.bet product.

Spread the business around

Opening up as many accounts as possible is a crucial weapon in the punters armory. This means that you can shop around and look for the top price on offer (with a certain degree of anonymity) and not be easy to track or monitor for one individual firm. By having access to perhaps ten betting accounts and using the Beth.bet product to pinpoint the value bets across all of them, the punter is likely to go unfactored for far longer than just giving every single bet to one or two betting companies.

Use betting shops or on-course bookmakers

By occasionally going “old-school” and playing in betting shops (or by going racing and placing your wager on-course with the track bookmakers), you don’t need an account to  place a bet and your betting activity is impossible to track or restrict. The old adage that ‘cash is king’ pays dividends because any patterns in the way you play are not being monitored online. Whilst this is not a particularly convenient or practical solution (not least because of the number of betting outlets closing on the high-street in the UK), it is a viable alternative for some and breaks up your betting patterns, meaning you can bet freely in an unrestricted way. Certainly, this is something worth considering from time to time, having a week or two away from online betting, and going racing in the fresh air (once the global pandemic is over) is an excellent way to spend the day!

Add in the odd small stakes, multiple bet

Bookmakers traditionally love multiple bets and it could flag the account as being recreational even if that isn’t your overall strategy. Throwing a few pounds away on a muggy, multiple bet on a Saturday is a good way of keeping your account under the radar. Perhaps even play ten tiny stakes accumulators on the football every weekend….this is just the sort of bet that is high margin for bookmakers and might help the account stay unremarkable for longer.

Leave money in the account & avoid outright arbing

Making constant withdrawals every day isn’t terribly popular with bookmakers and might also draw unwanted attention to your account. It is far better where possible, to leave balances in all of your bookmaker accounts, only withdrawing occasionally. Bookmakers loathe arbing (taking a price that is bigger than one that is available on the leading betting exchange Betfair). There are small armies of robot led punters who place bets only when the price is bigger (which is an immediate red flag to the bookmakers and subsequently these accounts are immediately clipped and severely restricted). Bookmakers know from bitter experience that it is unprofitable over time to lay their business. The occasional arb will be fine but those that only follow this strategy will be quickly closed down or reduced to minimal stakes. 

Use consistent rounded stakes & play in different sports markets

Play in £5, £10 or £20’s and avoid playing with odd amounts which look robot-driven. A lot of arbing accounts place bets like this because they are following a computer generated strategy driven to make a certain profit on both sides of the bet (by laying back on the betting exchange to guarantee a profit whatever the outcome). Firms are very quick to notice these patterns of this nature and by using consistent rounded stakes you look more of a natural punter (who is making his own decisions, not being told to place £3.84 on a 5/4 chance to be able to lay 6/5 back on betfair). Also, try to play on a variety of different sports Whilst from a professional point of view you might only want to place serious horse racing bets utilising your Beth.bet tools, it is worthwhile placing a few wagers on alternative sports to give the account some cover. This will also mute the patterns of the account and increase longevity.

Limit your bid amount to £5 or less

The team behind Beth.bet have been testing numerous variations of strategies and betting techniques with every bookmaker available in the product. There are many theories that still need to be proved, but one motion proved to be real in every test – the bookie is less likely to restrict an account betting less than £5, even if it’s winning on a constant basis. Having £1 or £2 as a default stake gives you the best chance of not being limited by a bookie. This way you triumph in long-term even though each bet you place is not returning much fortune.

All punters will be aware that their accounts will be under scrutiny and restricted if they win consistently. Firms are now reacting quickly to this and clamp down on supposed shrewd accounts. It is vital for Beth.bet punters to remain focused and reflect the position from a bookmaker’s perspective considering whether or not they would want your business. By using a few simple methods, you can increase the longevity of your accounts, and ensure that your gambling outcomes remain profitable using the Beth.bet algorithm to guide you. 

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