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We are happy to announce the launch of a revolutionary horse racing prediction tool: Beth.

She is a sophisticated AI system that analyses vast amounts of data in real-time. The program takes into account the latest odds, running conditions, information about jockeys, last-minute changes to a race, and more. Beth then scours a network of leading UK betting sites to find underrated runners and outsiders with great odds and a good chance of winning!

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So what are the advantages
of Beth Pro?

As soon as you become a subscriber, you can monitor your winnings and review new recommendations by Beth. The Workspace is where the magic happens.

With Beth PRO you can set up:

  • Bets / Horse on the race filter - maximum number of bets on the same horse / on the same race
  • Odds Threshold Index - the filter detects coefficient drops and prohibits bets on coefficients that are too low
  • Avg Coef Falling Index - the percentage of the average drop in the coefficient for all bets made according to the specified filters
  • Time Till Race – the amount of time before the race that you wish to stop receiving recommendations from Beth. The default is 30 minutes.